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About Us

We are Savannah Adventures

 African hospitality combined with International Know How

Bio: Savannah Adventures is a Zimbabwean Safari Company based in Victoria Falls.  Taf Mashiri  is our director of operations  in Victoria Falls and does safari packages for southern Africa. For online Marketing Director is Matthias Dohling from Germany . Together and in Teamwork with our European Marketing office we bring the wonders and spirit of Africa to the world. 

 Our licensed guiding team consists of numerous experienced guides.

Together we are Savannah Adventures

Our mission is that we  are seeking a more private and laid back experience for our visitors in focusing on small groups. Our goal is that you feel like a guest, rather than a tourist and get you submerged and involved in the zimbabean culture and history. That we would like to achieve in  close cooperation with other small and uprising safari companies in Victoria Falls.

We offer private and group safaris, ensuring that you have the travel experience that’s perfect for your needs. Read on to learn more about our tours.

We have partnered also with

Welcome to Victoria Falls, the Adventure Capital of Africa

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