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 Zambia Upper Zambezi Fishing

No trip to the Chobe or Zambezi rivers would be complete without trying your hand at fishing from a small boat. These particular waters are home to the notorious Tigerfish that have teeth that could take your fingers off in a flash (but you won’t allow that to happen, will you!)

Expect an almighty contest when you hook one of these mad fighters, as they leap and pull and jump again…a true delight for every serious or amateur angler. Tigers can be taken on fly or on the traditional spinner or spoon. Our fishing guides have grown up in this area and know exactly where to take you for the best options for landing one of these extraordinary fish. We practice ‘capture and release’ for Tiger, but adopt the ‘hook and cook’ concept when going after the delicious fresh water bream (tilapia) that flourish in these tepid waters.

Don’t forget camera batteries and enough memory to record unforgettable moments, as well as a large hat and sunscreen. We provide the rest…and you’ll have the happiest day out there on the Flood Plains or gliding down the mighty Zambezi. Tight lines!

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