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Victoria Falls  -  Stay another Day

Plan your visit 

If you’re lucky enough to be in Victoria Falls, consider staying an extra day to discover the town and the area, beyond the must-sees and must-dos. You surely will find things you didn’t even know they were here  –  most first time visitors think its only the actual Victoria Falls, not imagining this World of Wonders waiting to be explored. Ask the team at Savannah Adventures  for their recommendations on what to do with an extra hour, afternoon or entire day. They’ll suggest on- or off experiences and pair you with an expert and an activity based on how much time you have.

Welcome to the Adventure Capital of Africa,Victoria Falls.

Get inspired on for some itinerary ideas from people who call Vic Falls their  home.

What are Stay another Day Packages  and who are they for?

Most visitors only plan 1 or 2 nights  for Victoria Falls because they are coming only to see the Falls. Little do they know that there is more than just the Falls,...much more.  Our guests  are being overwhelmed with a vast variaty of tours and are not sure which ones they should choose. We created easy bookable daily   "Stay another Day" packages. Some start early morning andsome end in the afternoon or late at night. The "Stay another Day"  packages are organised in a way, that you always have time in between the different tours or activities,for either breakfast at your hotel, a cappucchino, lunch or even a beer to enjoy on  your own. Have we sparked an interest? Then come  join us and find out if we have the right extra day for you here in Victoria Falls, the Adventure Capital of Africa.

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