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Namibian Chobe Experience
3 Nights

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From $670

Day 1:


Just around midday, as the sun reaches its highest point of orbit, your plane will touch down on the gently steaming airport tarmac. A Flame of Africa representative will be on hand to usher you through the five-minute transfer to Kasane Immigration Point, Botswana. Once you have cleared immigration, you will be escorted aboard for a 15-minute boat transfer across the winding Chobe River via Kasika Immigration Point, Namibia, where you will arrive at Chobe Water Villas.

Tucked away unobtrusively in a secret corner of the African wilderness, bordered protectively by two mighty rivers, the Villas offer a perfect haven for nature and wildlife, – and those escaping the world to this wetland paradise. The boutique lodge offers a stylish exclusivity for its guests and is truly a magical destination.

Please note, the daily opening hours of Immigration Offices are from 07:30 to 16:30.

Day 2

Guests are invited to choose two activities per day from the tantalising array of activities available, each one of which is guaranteed to enrich your Namibian experience. These include the following:


The morning game drives, between 08h00 to 12h00, are four to five hours in duration and comprise a drive into the Chobe National Park, an 11 700 km2 wildlife reserve, truly one of Africa’s wildlife gems and one of the greatest game reserves in southern Africa. It is particularly famous for the number of elephant that reside therein. Estimates vary on the elephant population, but what is guaranteed is that you will witness the unforgettable and humbling sight of these vast and majestic herds, sometimes as large as a few hundred, ranging through the reserve. Sightings of predators such as lion, leopard and wild dog are common, so prolific are they, that the area has been called the Galapagos of Africa. In order to ensure your experience is as wonderful as it should be, please pack binoculars, cameras and a windbreaker.

This drive includes park fees, tea, coffee, biscuits or rusks and bottled water. Please note that immigration formalities will apply.


This river safari is for three to four hours, between 08h00 to 12h00, and is conducted along the banks of the Chobe National park. The Chobe River flows seemingly endlessly through the Caprivi flood plains and provides a haven for huge herds of buffalo and elephant as well as zebra, wildebeest and impala, hunted relentlessly by lurking predators. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy many memorable sightings of wildlife, fauna and flora.

The river safari includes park fees, tea, coffee, biscuits or rusks and bottled water.


The afternoon river safari is the same duration as the morning one, and begins at 15h30, ending at 18h30.

The afternoon river safari includes park fees, snacks, soft drinks, local spirits, beers, wines and bottled water.


With departure at 15h30, the afternoon boat cruise takes you on a romantically serene three-hour float on both the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers as the boat winds its way through the shorelines of three countries, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Feel the warmth of the African sun caress your skin as you cruise down the historic Kasai Channel and view the wildlife drinking from the waters of the Impalila Island.

The cruise, ending at 18h30, includes snacks, soft drinks, local spirits, beers, wines and bottled water.

Day 3

As per day 2.

Day 4:


Enjoy a leisurely breakfast as the finishing touch on your stay with Chobe Water Villa’s. You will be then be transferred back to Kasane for your return flight to Johannesburg.

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